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Viral Infection and Preexisting Conditions – What You Should Know?​

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Diabetes Weblog-Herbal Home Remedies

Did you know that certain health conditions can cause you to be immuno comprimised, meaning your immune system is less capable of fighting a virus, like COVID- 19?

So if you’re diagnosed with the following conditions, then you should see your doctor for further help and advise.

Diabetes: Hypoglycemia or High blood sugar is an inflammatory condition that raises your risk of infection to viruses, like COVID- 19, especially if you experience uncontrolled blood sugar. 

Obesity: You’re vulnerable to infection if you have issues with Adipose tissue or fat. If you’re wondering what is Adipose tissue; it’s an immune organ capable of inhibiting metabolic immune function.

So what this essentially mean is that, as per a study conducted in 2018 of folks with influenza during the flu seasons, it took nearly 42% longer for these obese adults in the study to stop the virus than a normal adult took.

File:Main symptoms of diabetes.png - Wikimedia Commons

Heart Disease: Now your age, underlying cardiac issues and hypertension all makes you vulnerable to an infection as per American Heart Association

In the case of COVID- 19 pandemic almost 40% folks admitted to hospitals had an existing precondition to cardiovascular diseases according to American Heart Association.

File:Hdw signs.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Cancer: As you may know cancer treatment can reduce your white blood cell counts making you all the more vulnerable to an infection.

So you should consult your doctor about your situation  who is rather familiar to with your medical history.

Respiratory Disease: If you suffer from Asthma, COPD etc. you should know that viruses like COVID- 19 attack your lungs making you significantly vulnerable. Folks with COPD in particular are vulnerable to lung infections with resultant damage to your air sacs.

Auto Immune Diseases: Did you know autoimmune conditions are a cause for concern for Interstitial Lung Disease, a dangerous condition known for scarring of the lung. 

You’re vulnerable to a flare-up of autoimmune diseases due to infection. Conditions such as, Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus etc. are particularly worth mentioning.

Interstitial lung disease - Wikipedia


There are many inspiring stories, such as that of Dr. Terry Wahls, people who have overcome autoimmune diseases simply by lifestyle changes. 

Up to 50 million Americans are affected by autoimmune diseases and traditionally they have no cure. The emotional toll that this diagnosis takes on many of those afflicted is heartbreaking.

We are committed to bringing up-to-date and scientifically backed information for your day-to-day health challenges, especially Diabetes and related illnesses that this website is primarily focused on.

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