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Immune System-How to Save Yours?

Exercise may be the most important lifestyle intervention you can add...

If you talk about vulnerability in older adults, it's definitely two important parts. One is incidence--whether you get the infection or not. But the other part is severity. Having a stronger immune function may determine how badly you'll be infected.

Sean Xiao Leng, M.D
Immune System-How to Save Yours

Saving Your Immune System

Below are some pointers that will generally help to keep your immune strong and healthy.

  • Weight Control: Obesity is deadly when it comes to inflammation. Your belly fat is matabolically an active tissue. Did you know that it releases Cytokines, an inflammatory substance into your body triggering mote weight gain and inflammation.
  • Body Movement: A sedentary life is even harmful if you've any medical conditions, like Diabetes, Heart disease etc. Regular workouts boost your immune function and lowers inflammation.

The skeletal muscle is a major immune regulatory organ that generates anti-inflammatory and immunoprotective proteins known as myokines.

COVID- 19 & Immune System (1)
COVID- 19 & Immune System (1)

A study in Nature Reviews-Immunology:

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  • Nutrition: It's a given that healthy and right eating should be always followed, but according to 2018 study in the Journal 'Nutrients', vitamins A to E with folic aid, zinc, selenium etc. are essential for Immune strength.

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Dietary fiber may boost the Immune cells in the gut that help regulate health. Eat not just vegetables but also good proteins and fiber. Fiber is critical as it feeds the good bacteria in your gut and can help lower inflammation.

Insoo Kang, M.D. Yale School of Medicine

Research indicate that unregulated stress accelerates immunosenescence. A chronic immune response to combat stress and rise in inflammation in your body warrants critical self-care from activities like, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

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  • Vaccine: Effectiveness of vaccines get reduced due to aging. In reality vaccines are designed to provoke antigen production in your body. Due to aging immune reserve the body does not respond as robustly as it did in earlier years.

It's true vaccines become less effective as people get older. But even if you do get infected, the disease will be less severe. People should get whatever vaccines their doctors recommend based on age and underlying medical conditions, says Kang.

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What We Learned from COVID- 19 Pandemic?

Personal hygiene and distancing. Handwashing and 6-ft rule may not go away in the near future. 

People will be wary going to a crowded restaurant or even work place. 

Remote working is becoming more of a future reality.

Mindful eating and proven diets like Paleo and Keto will be adopted by more and more folks looking to get into better shape and strength.

Immunity fortifying supplements sees an increasing role in fighting viruses.

Herbal remedies – Alternative medicine is likely to play significant role in people’s lives looking for closer to nature cures for illnesses.

diabetes-weblog-Autoimmune and Herbal Remedies
diabetes-weblog-Autoimmune and Herbal Remedies

The traditional medical model focuses on individual disease. With something like COVID- 19, you're chasing one thing. But we'll try to see if we can find an underlying mechanism in immunity, something up-stream in the process. Then we can do a wider search rather than chase after individual diseases. If we can do that, the older population will handle all immune challenges better.

Sean Xiao Lng, M.D. (Part of National Institutes of Health and Initiative into geriatric science)

This article is sourced from AARP Bulletin’s Special Pandemic issue 2020.

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