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Walk in Tub

As one ages, taking a shower can become more and more hazardous. One can easily slip and fall. Taking a bath is both more enjoyable and safer. However, getting into and out of the bathtub can be a challenging and hazardous experience. Fortunately, the Walk in Tub removes this risk. Walk in tub is specially designed seats that fit into a standard bathtub with no remodeling or drilling necessary. The seat lowers the user into the bath, and then raises them when they are ready to get out. Of course, some bath lifts are better than others.

There is an easy solution to this problem. Purchase a walk in tub. Shower chairs can be lightweight, portable, they can fold up or down and be stored in out of the way places but when needed they can quickly and easily be assembled and used in the shower to sit on whilst bathing thus avoiding the need to stand for a long period of time or use the bath, for which slipping is a significant issue.

Walk in Tub

The dimensions of the seat itself should also be a consideration. The width of the seat is pretty standard within an inch or so (because it must fit into a standard bathtub), but the depth of the seat varies. Would the user prefer a "deeper" seat, or not? Also, different walk in tub have different weight capacities: if the user is 300 lbs. or more, they will probably need one of the more robust bath lifts. Should the bath seat be portable, to make it easier to transport or store? Most of the better bath lifts can be broken down into two or three pieces, making storage or transportation much easier.

Most walk in tub is built with comfort in mind. Depending on the lift, many provide both reclining ability and swivel ability. The descent speed is usually completely controllable. Remote controls are designed with the user in mind. The controls are usually large and easy to operate.If you are thinking of purchasing a bath lift for yourself or a loved one, you should take all of these factors into consideration.

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