Prodigy Autocode Talking Flash Glucose Meter

Access Diabetic Supplies only English/Spanish Speaking Diabetes Monitor the Prodigy Autocode

This inexpensive diabetic testing meter allows the user to hear blood sugar test results in English or Spanish.Diabetes Insurance Testing Supplies Glucose Meter

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Accurate

MedAME presents state of the art diabetes supplies. The Prodigy Autocode comes with the following:

  • Glucose Meter
  • batteries
  • carry case
  • bottle of control solution
  • 1 bottle of 10 strips
  • sterile lancets 10
  • lancing device with clear cap

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The Autocode features “No Code” technology, whch means fewer steps, and less chance of false results because of coding errrors.Accurate results are deliverd in just six seconds and requires a tiny 6-tenths of a mocroliter blood sample.The Prodigy® Autocode Meter requires NO-Coding, which means fewer steps and avoids the danger of false results caused by coding errors. Simply insert the test strip into the strip port, located at the top of the meter, and the Prodigy® Autocode automatically turns on and will “talk” the user through the testing steps; making it easy to use, while providing safe, accurate test results every time.Access Diabetic Supplies the Prodigy Autocode

The Prodigy® Autocode is audible; an essential feature for people with low vision or those who just want to hear their test result. The “talking” feature will let the user know the room temperature and then direct the user to apply a drop of blood on to the test strip. Once the absorbent channel on the test strip is full, the user will hear their test results in only 6 seconds, with time and date in either English or Spanish.

The Prodigy® Autocode is also available as a non-talking meter, providing the same safe no-coding feature, without the audible (talking) function.Memory and Data Management. The Prodigy® Autocode can store up to 450 tests results with date and time and gives 7, 14, 21, 28, 60, and 90 day averages. Prodigy®’s FREE software allows simple downloading of test results to your computer helping you and your Diabetes healthcare professional track changes in your blood glucose level over time.Alternate Site Testing.

The Prodigy® Autocode offers you the option to test with blood from your palms, forearms, upper-arms, thighs and calves, which have fewer nerve endings than your fingertips.Smaller Blood Sample Required. The Prodigy® Autocode requires only a 0.6 microliter drop of blood – smaller than most meters available today. This allows you to use extra-fine gauge lancets and significantly reduce your pain and discomfort.With no-coding and audible features, this makes the Prodigy® Autocode, the easiest and safest blood glucose monitoring system to use.

Another great advantage of the Autocode is that it promotes “team work”… the ability to “hear” your child’s or your spouse’s test result from across the room without having to ask. Also, with its compact size, the user can slip the Autocode meter into their pocket or purse easily and take the meter with them anywhere.

For Customer Service please email: Steve@MedAME.Com Or call: 619-462-4290

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