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Insulin Pump Supplies

Diabetes management is the most important and most difficult aspect of the disease. The sheer number of necessary Insulin Pump Supplies make the expense needed to properly monitor blood sugar levels on a regular basis a daunting and sometimes unattainable task for many. This is a tragedy because proper testing and management of diabetes will add years to the lives of those with the disease.

To put it bluntly, diabetics who do not manage their blood sugar levels by using simple and ever less invasive glucose meters and testing strips will not have long to live. Those with diabetes who do test regularly will live long productive lives with minimal expense and discomfort if they take advantage of the information below and sign up for help right away.

Americans with diabetes have no excuse not to test because in almost all instances they can get most or all of their diabetic testing supplies free. Even shipping is paid for.

How? It’s simple.

Low Cost Diabetic Supplies Insulin Pump Supply Store In
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Put together your medical information (doctors name, insurance identification numbers, etc.) and fill out a form. There are companies lining up to help those diagnosed with diabetes fill out the proper government paperwork and insurance forms and help you quickly get those supplies delivered directly to your door (find a company here). It won’t cost you a penny to apply and in most cases, regardless of your age, you will get those supplies absolutely free. (To apply now click here.)

It’s fast, it’s easy and Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance options are available to make the process of obtaining Insulin Pump Supplies much easier and low-cost to no-cost for the individual.

Medicare currently offers two plans that provide assistance in obtaining diabetic supplies. To qualify for Medicare, individuals must be 65 or older, younger than 65 and subject to a qualifying disability, or suffer from End-Stage Renal Disease. Once one qualifies for a Medicare plan, you have the choice of adding Medicare Part B or Medicare Part D to the basic Medicare plan.

An addition to the “Original Medicare Plan,” Medicare Part B requires a monthly premium, but provides additional coverage for diabetic supplies and services. Diabetic supplies such as lancing devices, lancets, testing strips, blood glucose testing monitors and glucose control solutions are covered under this plan. Medicare Part D is the new Medicare prescription plan that allows diabetic Medicare participants to receive prescription coverage for insulin and syringes.

Diabetic Medicare participants currently qualify for low-cost or free Insulin Pump Supplies if the supplies are purchased through a qualifying home medical supply company or pharmacy (find one near you). Qualified suppliers must be Medicare-enrolled and agree to “accept assignment” for Medicare-covered testing supplies, meaning that they agree to pay the cost set by Medicare.

When Medicare participants order testing supplies through one of these qualified home delivery

medical suppliers, the supplier will complete all paperwork and request payment directly from Medicare. Testing supplies are shipped directly to the individual’s home, often at no charge. Medicare pays for 80% of the cost of supplies, after the annual deductible has been met, leaving participants to pay the remaining 20% copay after the products have been received. However, quite often supplemental insurance will cover the remaining balance. In some circumstances, if a patient cannot cover his copay and does not have supplemental insurance, they may qualify for a “hardship” program. Designed to help offset the additional cost of a co-pay, these programs are offered by some drug companies and suppliers to aid those who need the financial assistance.

Another form of medical coverage for those in need, Medicaid offers a similar program for diabetic participants to receive testing supplies. Decided by each state Medicaid program, eligibility for Medicaid is more convoluted and variable. In general, however, Medicaid eligibility often includes one of the following criteria: pregnant; 65 or older and low-income; blind; or disabled.

In spite of the many different Medicaid programs, all states offer prescription drug coverage to Medicaid enrollees. Many Medicaid programs cover diabetic supplies like test strips, syringes or insulin, allowing the Medicaid participants to order diabetic supplies directly from a supplier that is registered with Medicaid. Once again, the medical supplier handles paperwork and payment for the diabetic supplies. Often, Medicaid participants are also eligible for Medicare, enabling the individual to use their Medicare plan to pay the 80% cost of the supplies, while Medicaid provides the supplemental insurance to cover the 20% co-pay.

In addition to Medicare and Medicaid, private insurance participants can qualify for the same Insulin Pump Supplies programs. Most private insurance carriers cover the cost of diabetic testing supplies, allowing individuals to order their supplies through qualified suppliers. As with the Medicare program, medical supply companies must be a participating provider for the insurance carrier. Similarly, the medical supply company completes all of the insurance paperwork and requests payment for the supplies directly from the insurance company. The individual is required to satisfy any deductible or co-pay that is specified by the plan.

With so many different plans and types of coverage, there are many different combinations of coverage to cover the cost of diabetes products and Insulin Pump Supplies. Diabetics with private insurance coverage, Medicare, Medicaid or a combination of the three can take advantage of these unique programs to order their testing supplies, with no money out-of-pocket until after the products are received.