Glucose Test Strips for the Prodigy Voice Diabetes Monitor

Box of 50 Podigy Voice Talking Blood Glucose Meter Test Strips

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Prodigy Voice Diabetes MonitorWith the introduction of a new talking blood glucose meter, the Prodigy Voice, as well as its predecessor, the Prodigy AutoCode, blind diabetics will need to master the technique of getting their blood sample onto the Prodigy Voice or AutoCode test strips. The two meters are much smaller than prior talking meters, and the test strips have the testing area on the tip of the strip rather than on the side. After extensive testing with the Prodigy AutoCode and the new Prodigy Voice meters—the two meters are virtually identical physically, so any technique that works for one meter will work for the other.

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These tips may help:

  • Tip One–Smaller has its Advantages

These meters are small and light. Because they are so easy to move around, you can experiment with many different approaches to determine which works best for you. Get comfortable holding the meter in one hand while testing. The meter can be moved toward your finger just as easily as your finger can be moved to the test strip.

  • Tip Two–Shoot for the Top

The end of the test strip is about a third of an inch across, but the blood is only applied to a small, narrow notch in the center of the end of the strip. The notch is cut out of the test strip on the top side, so the easiest way to make sure your blood gets on the strip correctly is to apply it on the top. Applying the blood from the bottom side of the strip will prevent enough blood from entering. These meters are small and will often be used while holding the meter in one hand and moving it to the finger on the other hand. If you do this, be sure to angle the strip as it touches your finger so that the blood sample touches the notch on the top of the strip.

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