Swimming for exercise is a great way to begin a fitness program

If you haven’t been doing much – or any – exercise in a while, one of the best ways to begin getting fit again is to swim for exercise. People who make ideal candidates for a swimming for exercise program include arthritis and diabetes patients, the elderly or disabled, athletes who need rehabilitation due to injuries, pregnant women and significantly overweight people.

Swimming is a very low impact form of exercise, which creates almost no stress on the joints, while improving your range of motion and providing relief from stiffness, aches and muscle pain. Swimming exercises also provides all the benefits of a complete cardiovascular workout.

When you’re just starting out, most experts agree that it’s best to begin with what’s termed ‘vertical strength training’. By simply walking laps in waist high water, doing knee bends or arm rotations, your range of motion improves as you start to regain strength.

In health conditions such as arthritis, a swimming for workout program is a terrific way to relieve joint stiffness and regain strength lost due to the arthritic condition. You can then progress to neck high water, doing some of these same exercises to increase the benefits of strength training exercise.
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