Discount Diabetic Testing Supplies

My brother was recently diagnosed with diabetes. The news initially sent the family into shock, which is understandable. We didn’t really know what to expect, and were very worried about the health implications as well as the idea of having to make drastic lifestyle changes.

Fortunately, my brother has an excellent doctor who took the time to explain things thoroughly and answer our questions. Now, two months after that first diagnosis, I’m amazed at how far my brother has come in terms of managing the disease. In fact, his biggest problem has been finding low cost diabetic testing supplies — something that I can actually help with.

He bought his first round of diabetic test supplies from a local store that a friend (and fellow sufferer recommended. But the prices were staggering, and his co-pay was pretty high thanks to a not so great health plan. I offered to help find a good retailer that sells discount diabetic testing supplies, so after getting an idea of the types of products my brother needs and how much he’s currently paying, I set out on my search to help with diabetic supplies.
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