Easy, quick and healthy low fat chicken recipes

If your doctor recommends that you reduce your fat intake due to health concerns, or you decide it’s time to lose a few pounds, we’ve got some low fat recipes with chicken to help you along the way. Chicken has some other virtues, too. It’s still relatively inexpensive and the meat is lean.

Most of the fat content is in the skin. Removing the skin – and fat – doesn’t mean it needs to go to waste. Let’s take a look at a few ideas for low fat chicken recipes, without waste.

Chicken breast meat is the leanest cut of the chicken. If you buy chicken breasts with the skin already removed, it may be more costly than buying the whole chicken breast. It’s little work to remove the skin, so compare prices when you buy.

By saving the skin in a freezer bag, adding to your stash each time you buy chicken, you’ll soon have enough to make a flavorful chicken stock. Allow the stock to cool and then put it in the frig until it’s cold.
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