We’ve all gotten a terrible cheap Christmas gift that is clearly something that was picked up at the last minute without any thought, and obvious that the giver did not spend much money. The situation was even portrayed on the NBC television show “The Office”, where in an office gift exchange a giver gave the ultimate cheap Christmas gift idea – a used flannel shirt that was the wrong size for the recipient. It was later told that it was just grabbed from the givers own closet that very morning of the exchange.

It is completely understandable that there are situations where a gift giver does not want to spend much money on a gift, whether it be because of an occasion like an office gift exchange where you don’t know the recipient that well, or because of overall finances for all gifts for the year. We have all been in a situation where we have wanted to give a relatively cheap Christmas gift ideas and have ended up frustrated beyond belief because we haven’t been able to find something that didn’t look like it cost five dollars.

There are ways to give a cheap Christmas gift without coming off looking like a holiday scrooge or a cheapskate. One of the best ways to give a cheap Christmas gift is to dress it up in fabulous wrapping. Presentation is everything, and if you put some time and effort into the packaging you will be surprised how much better that cheap Christmas gift will look. Using things like paper mache boxes and thick ribbon can make all the difference in the world. Everyone always appreciates homemade goodies during the holiday season as well.

Make up a batch of spiced nuts, chocolate covered pretzels or your best banana bread and package it in a gift box with some raffia and the recipient will think it looks like it came from a specialty bakery, but with the great taste of something homemade. Of course when giving cheap Christmas gifts, it is usually helpful to know the recipient. In those cases you can usually know of something that is under ten dollars that they really would want and use, whether it be their favorite scented lotion or a box of their favorite golf balls. Giving a cheap Christmas gift is not the easiest task in the world, but when done with caution it can turn out fabulously!