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Diabetic Meal Plans in Your Inbox Every Week: New Stress Saver from eMeals

Cooking smart with diabetes just went from painful to painless, thanks to online meal planning service eMeals. Subscribers to the new eMeals Diabetic Plan will receive seven simple, flavorful, carb-smart dinner menus on their smartphones or computers

Defend against diabetes

EATING healthy and exercise are top tips for good health, but during this, National Diabetes Week, those lifestyle changes could be the defence against type 2 diabetes. Lynne Gilks is a Tamworth-based clinical nurse consultant and diabetes educator.

Which diabetes diet is right for you?

You might think that eating low-energy foods would just make you hungrier and therefore want to eat more but this is not true. On average if you reduce the high-calorie foods you eat by a quarter you will reduce your energy intake by a similar amount

Eating plan focuses on prairie food

EDMONTON — A Mediterranean diet with a dash of savoury prairie flavour is the theme of a new cookbook. Originally created as a dietary guideline for diabetics that used locally available ingredients, the Pure Prairie Eating Plan was created by