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Mom's Meals Insights: Conquering Diabetes Management

Managing diabetes never seems straightforward, and for the aging population, it can be even more challenging and complicated. Beyond checking blood sugar levels and blood pressure, seniors need to be more aware of other variables to keep diabetes in 

Restaurant dining tips for diabetics

It's used to be that going out to eat at a restaurant meant drinking water or saccharin-laden diet cola, skipping dessert, and eating just a low-fat salad and some lean meat for those people who had either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. With the advent of 

Recipe for Health: The Pleasures of Food and Health – Together

Wow! The colors, the intense aromas — this was pleasure. This was health food. And the folks eating these foods were rosy-cheeked and as vibrant as the plates before them. What's more, they had less heart disease, diabetes and obesity than Americans.

As waistlines grow, so does the fight against junk food

As deaths from obesity-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer have risen, so has the cost of treating them. In Mexico, where obesity is roughly as common as in the United States, Juan Rivera of Mexico's National Institute of

Health Capsules: Infant feeding and diabetes risk

“For children who are introduced to solid food before 4 months of age, the risk of developing Type 1 diabetes is almost two times higher than for children introduced to solid foods at 4 or 5 months of age,” Jill Norris, one of the study's authors, said

Fasting and diabetes: Maintain a balanced diet

Losing weight can lead to better control of diabetes during Ramadan due to a changed diet during the fasting period, but it is important to have a balanced diet that includes all types of food, and to avoid overeating, says Dr Bsaiso. Fasting can also

For Those Looking for Choice, Taste, Convenience and an Understanding of …

“We don't want our customers with diabetes to worry about counting carbs, or those with kidney disease measuring how much protein, potassium or phosphorous is in a meal. Our meals are designed to meet all of these specific guidelines, in addition to

You Just Can't Eat What Diabetes Hates'

For diabetes, a metabolic disease, this becomes more complicated as the disease demands sufferers to know as much as their changing body functionality. With diabetes, it's not just about "never eat this food" but also "how has your body functions

Healthy tips for making recipes diabetes-friendly

With a few simple strategies, you can easily tweak your favourite recipes to make them diabetes-friendly, without having to feel deprived or missing out on a family meal or social occasion. Firstly, it's a myth that insulin resistant diabetics must

Eating fish reduces heart disease in women with diabetes

The womens' dietary habits have been followed up since 1976. The report divided women with type 2 diabetes into five groups, depending on their level of fish consumption. Those eating fish five or more times a week had a 64 per cent reduced risk of